Thursday, November 13, 2008

Candidates: Post Your Bio and Photo Here Free!

Are you a candidate for any elected office in New York City? ChangeNYC.Org wants to help New Yorkers meet you.

We invite all candidates for office in the five boroughs to email us their information to and we'll post them here on our Meet the Candidates blog absolutely free. Think of this as a free web page to promote your candidacy and let your neighbors know what you stand for.

Be sure to include as many of the following as you have:

* your name
* the office you are running for
* where you are running and when the election is
* your party affiliation
* your photo
* your contact information
* your bio
* your candidate's statement

After we receive your information, we'll email or call you to confirm its accuracy. If everything checks out, we'll add you to this site within 48 hours.

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