Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bronx City Council Candidate: Jerome Rice

Running for: City Council, 12th Council District, The Bronx

Year Running: September 2009 (Democratic Primary)

Party Affiliation: Democrat


Candidate Bio:

Jerome Rice, a long time Bronx resident is a family man who has served 22 years in the Armed Forces, and 21 years in the NYC Department of Correction, currently holding the rank of Captain. Jerome Rice attends church in the Bronx, where he serves as both Trustee and Co-Chair to Public Safety. Jerome has both a Master degree in Business Administration and Associate in Computer Science from Monroe College. While serving as Director of Community Empowerment for 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement Who Care, Jerome Rice has both created and facilitated workshops on issues that are currently affecting our community, such as:

•What to do, when stopped by the police
•Gangs Awareness / Prevention
•What to do when you go to court, it’s Just-Us
•Disaster Awareness for Community preparedness “New York’s Katrina”

Public Safety

Fight for more Police Patrols in areas that are impacted with crimes. Also call for better Police relationship between both NYPD and the communities they serve. I will fight to keep both our schools and communities, free of Gangs and Gun violence.

Economic Development

Bring in new business and support existing business that will cater to all people of various cultures. Homes are currently being built in our community that we can’t afford. We need homes to be affordable. More Funding is needed to go towards better facilities for our Senior citizens, Veterans and our future (Youth).


Our youths must receive the proper education to prepare them for the Real World. We also need our local business to invest in our future (Youth), by hiring residents from the community.

He fought against:
•Wrongful Police shooting
•NYPD’s policies on Stop & Frisk and Operation Luck Bag
•Disparate Treatment of Blacks& Hispanic arrested for lower crimes,
•Rezoning of Harlem
•Changes in Term Limits.

Candidate Statement:

There is a call for change with our local elected officials. District 12 needs a leader, not a title holder who chose to ignore the will of the people. Our local elective officials must be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

“Giving power back to the community”

I always believe that the people, who are paid to protect us, must also respect us. I have an extensive track record of reaching out to various communities, educating them on various survival workshops, such as: what to do, when stopped by the police and stop & frisk. I have always say, that your civil rights are not for sale. Unlike many of my constituents, who decided to enter into the witness protection program, when comes to fighting for people rights, I will continue to be in the forefront for justice. I have always believed that there is strength in numbers and there is numbers in the community. I will also continue the fight against gang violence, because our senior citizens and youth should not be forced to live in fear. I will ensure that all funding that are allocated for the community, goes to the community. The time of taking money from the community, are over. The time of hiding, when a call for justice is needed is over. I will have representatives in every community, who will have a direct access to both me and my office on anything that is affecting the community. It is time for the community to regain its power and hold those who are elected accountable.

District 12 needs a change, not more of the same. District 12 need someone who is willing to lead, not be led and hold all those responsible accountable. As your next City Councilmember for the 12th District I will make the following issues a priority:

•Economic development / Employment
•Public Safety
•Senior Citizens Services
•Veteran Services
•Youth Services
•Diabetes & Child Obesity awareness

“The time for change is now; we need leaders that are willing to fight for the people they serve”.

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